Code of Professional Conduct

Strata Community Australia (Vic) was established in 1990 as Institute of Body Corporate Managers, then Owners Corporation Victoria, with the overall objective of raising and maintaining a high standard of management in this field and providing education and training for members.

SCA (Vic) is concerned with establishing standards of behaviour of members both in their association with their clients and the general public, and with one another.

Members are directly responsible for upholding the reputation of SCA (Vic) and of a high standard of ethical practice.

SCA (Vic) views that it is unethical to purchase or offer any form of inducement to a developer or owner to procure the owners corporation management rights to a property. That is, it is unethical to offer any form of financial reward or discount or preferential treatment to a developer or owner in order to get the business.

The overarching question to be considered is: "Does it influence the decision of the OC?"

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1.0 Preliminary

The recognition attached to being a member of  SCA (Vic) depends on the reputation of its members. Each member must maintain the high standard of ethical behaviour and professional conduct required by SCA (Vic).

2.0 Definitions

a. “Constitution” means the Constitution of SCA (Vic)
b. “Council” means the governing Council of SCA (Vic) acting in accordance with the Constitution
c. “Client” means individuals, firms, organisations, and owners corporations who utilise members’ services
d. “SCA (Vic)” means Strata Community Australia (Vic).
e. “Logo” means any symbol approved by SCA (Vic) as an identifying mark of SCA (Vic)
f. “Member” means a person or company admitted to membership of SCA (Vic), in any category as defined in the Constitution
g. “SCA” means Strata Community Australia
h. “Owners Corporation” means an owners corporations defined by the Subdivision Act 1988 and Owners Corporations Act 2006
i. “Owners Corporations manager” means a person or company who, for reward, exercises functions of an owners corporation
j. “Act” means the Subdivision Act 1988 and Owners Corporations Act 2006
k. “Regulations” means the Owners Corporations Regulations 2007

3.0 Principles

The code is not intended to cover all aspects of ethical conduct and professional practice. Appropriate conduct requires observance of unwritten conventions. As a general guide, members should at all times conduct themselves in a dignified and responsible manner consistent with the following principles:

Members should be straightforward, honest and sincere.

Members must be fair and must not allow prejudice or bias to override their objectivity.

Members should be free, and should appear to be free, of any interest that might be regarded as being incompatible with integrity and objectivity, and should disclose any direct or indirect conflict of interest.

Technical Standards
Members should carry out their work in accordance with the technical and professional standards relevant to that work.

Members have a duty to maintain their level of competence. They should only undertake work which they can expect to complete competently and in a timely manner.

4.0 Logo
Members may display the SCA (Vic) members logo, but must comply with the rules regarding display of the SCA (Vic) members logo advised from time to time by the Council.

5.0 Secret Commission

Members must not directly or indirectly pay or accept an undeclared commission in any form.

6.0 Ethical Conduct

a. A member must refrain from any conduct that might bring discredit to SCA (Vic), or its members.
b. It is unethical for a member to induce or attempt to induce a breach of contract between a Client and its owners corporations manager.
c. A member must not denigrate another member, nor any individual, company or profession in general.

7.0 Delivery of Books and Records

a. If a member ceases to be an owners corporation manager for a Client, they must, within 28 days a make available for collection by a person or company authorised in writing by the owners corporations, all records and property of the owners corporation
b. The member must produce records upon request from an authorised representative of the Client, and must co-operate in the transfer of all types of records which are the property of the Client, including without limitation, electronic records.

8.0 Advertising

Members must not advertise in a way which:

a. Creates false or unjustified expectations of favourable results; or
b. Consists of self-laudatory or misleading statements that are not based on verifiable facts;
c. Contains unidentified testimonials.

9.0 Strata Community Australia
SCA (Vic) is a Corporate member of Strata Community Australia (SCA) and it is intended that this code be consistent with the Code of Conduct of SCA.

10.0 Additional Requirements

a. A member shall at all times observe the Constitution of SCA (Vic) and any other guideline or standard formally approved and adopted by  SCA (Vic).
b. A member must at all times conduct their owners corporation business in accordance with the Subdivision Act 1988 and Owners Corporations Regulations 2007.
c. Members are expected to promote the aims and objectives of SCA (Vic) and strive for the highest degree of professionalism in the practice of owners corporations management
d. Members are expected to be active in SCA (Vic) and willingly share with fellow members the lessons of their experience
e. A member shall be responsible for actions of their employees in their business relations with fellow members and clients
f. If a member attends a meeting of an owners corporation managed by another owners corporation manager, that the visiting owners corporation manager shall at the first available opportunity disclose their name, their company and their reason for attendance at the meeting (e.g. proxy, invitation, etc.).

11.0 Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

a. Members must conform to any CPD training as may be required by the Council from time to time to retain membership of SCA (Vic) or the appropriate category. Members must conform to any additional CPD training as may be required by their professional or trade association.

12.0 Discipline

If the Council resolves to discipline a member, the council must implement the procedure provided in the Constitution.

Members must participate in any investigative processes.

13.0 Contact details for SCA (Vic)

 Postal: Carringbush Business centre, Suite 106, 134-136 cambridge Street Collingwood, Vic, 3066
 Telephone: 03 9416 4688
 Fax: 03 9416 4788
 Contact Us by email
 Web: ABN: 91 066 558 592