Council Members & Office Bearers


Julie McLean  President  03 8586 1300  03 9583 8911
Peter Scott Immediate Past President  03 9755 2816  03 9755 3819
Mark Benson     03 9707 5330  03 9796 1494
Tim Graham  Supplier Member  03 8644 3538  1300 365 323
Gregor Evans    03 9509 3144  03 9509 3188
Esin Falvo  Vice President  03 9034 4200
George Martin  03 8560 1800
Stuart Mellington Secretary   03 9862 3730  03 9862 3797 
Stephen Raff    03 9585 2857  03 9583 8911

To improve the governance of SCA (Vic), all Council members have for disclosure of conflict of interest completed a Register of Interests. Also, to reinforce what is implicit in being a Council Member they have signed a Duties & Responsibilities of Council Members. Further, Council has adopted a Code of Professional Conduct for Council Members, similarly to the way SCA (Vic) has standards for members. Please find below.

Duties and Responsibilities of Council Members

As a Council Member:

  • I am entitled to receive all internal information concerning SCA (Vic)'s affairs.
  • I have the right to retain or obtain documents.
  • I have a duty to act:
    In good faith and in the best interests of SCA (Vic);
    With care and diligence; and
    To avoid a conflict in the position of a Council Member including a conflict of interest
  • I have a duty prohibiting the misuse of information obtained as a Council Member.


As a Council Member l regularly review the above and satisfy myself that those duties and responsibilities are carried out appropriately.

Name ____________________________________________

Signed ____________________________________________

Dated __________/__________/___________

Next review __________/__________/___________

Code of Professional Conduct for Council Members

Each Council Member recognises and agrees to uphold the following standards of behaviour:

  1. To take personal responsibility for contributing impartially to the decisions of the Council, with no thought given to personal gain.
  2. To actively seek adequate knowledge about the business of SCA (Vic).
  3. To provide positive input into the development of organisational policy.
  4. To provide strong support for the long term strategies of SCA (Vic).
  5. To accept the need to sufficiently prepare for Council meetings and decisions, and to insist on sufficient information to enable informed debate and decision making.
  6. To perform the assignments delegated by SCA (Vic).
  7. To delineate and state personal positions versus organisational positions on controversial matters to better enable the Council to make informed decisions for the betterment of SCA (Vic).
  8. To devote sufficient time to the duties of a Council member.
  9. To uphold high ethical standards at the Council level.
  10. To tender a resignation if unable to uphold any of the above standards of behaviour.