Statement of Purposes 

The reason for our existence is embodied in the Statement of Purposes.



Strata Community Australia (Vic) is a non-profit organisation established to provide representation at a state level for all persons and bodies having an interest in the management of owners corporations constituted under the Subdivision Act 1988, and Owners Corporations Act 2006, or their equivalent (“Owners Corporations")

a) To provide an avenue for representation at a state level for members.
b) To assist in establishing, monitoring and maintaining professional standards of practice (including standards of conduct) to apply to members of SCA (Vic) who are actively engaged in the management of owners corporations.
c) To promote the highest standards of professionalism in owners corporation management.
d) To contribute to community education on matters involving the management of owners corporations.
e) To act as a political lobby group in all matters pertaining to the Owners Corporations Regulations.
f) To promote professional development, training and education for members and potential members.
g) To promote social inter-action amongst members.
h) To promote better relations between managers and members of owners corporations.
i) To do all such things ancillary or consequential to any of the specific purposes for which SCA (Vic) was established.
j) The assets and income of SCA (Vic) are to be applied solely to the achievement of these objectives and no portion will be distributed directly or indirectly to its members other than as compensation for services rendered or as reimbursement for costs incurred on behalf of SCA (Vic)

The full Constitution is available here.