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The provision of accurate, clear and timely information to members of owners corporations and potential purchasers of properties which are part of owners corporations is critical.

The need is all the more critical because of the growing number of owners corporations and their changing nature. Not only are strata title properties now found within large tower blocks with sophisticated services and assets such as lifts, swimming pools and gymnasiam but also within mixed developments of, for example, retail, commercial and residential properties. Large developments that are built in stages are also seeing a rise in the number of limited owners corporations. The nature of these developments can result in significant issues for members about the equitable distribution of costs, liabilities and entitlements.

Professional owners corporation managers are aware that many people purchasing a home or investment property for the first time that are part of owners corporations have little understanding of the rights and responsibilities of owners corporation members.


Consumer Guidelines for SCA (Vic) Contract of Appointment

To fully comprehend the SCA (Vic) Contract of Appointment , the following Consumer Guidelines have been made availabe to consumers.
-Victorian Contract of Appointment - Consumer Guide

-Victorian Contract of Appontment - Consumer Guide - Company 

Advice for OC's - this benefits you

Discrimination and the law > a guide for owners corporations

Did you know that Owners corporations have legal obligations under the Equal Opportunity Act 2010? Access this information sheet, written by The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission to find out more. It provides tips to help owners corporations meet their obligations by preventing discrimination when providing services and accommodation.

Guide to owning and managing and living in an owners corporation

Consumer Affairs Victoria has published a Guide to owners corporations: Owning, managing and living in a unit or apartment, which is the summary statement, approved by the Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria, of the rights and duties of a resident under the Owners Corporations Act 2006 (the Act).

Now re-published in Chinese Simplified for your benefit and/or the benefit of your clients. Please feel free to pass on the link to new owners as and when appropriate. The conversion to Mandarin is courtesy of Jing Liu.

The model rules published in Simplified Chinese

How to Call 000

As part of a Crime Prevention project Moonee Valley Council recently created an Information Sheet entitled “How to Call Triple Zero”. The Information Sheet is available in English and 11 other languages.   


Apartment Safety Plan

Recognising the unique safety issues that living in apartment can present, the City of Moonee Valley  recently created an Apartment Safety Plan to support their community in the event of a household or local emergency. The Interactive PDF versions of these resources are available on their Council’s website. Although, if you don’t live in the City of Moonee Valley why not contact your local Council to find out if they have or are willing to create one for your community.

Apartment Residential Security Assessment - Owners Corporations

Checklist - supplied by Victoria Police and can be found on their website under the crime prevention & community safety tab

Apartment Residential Security Assessment- Resident

Checklist - supplied by Victoria Police and can be found on their website under the crime prevention & community safety tab




Neighbours, the law and you

Your guide to neighbourhood laws in Victoria. This publication produced by the the Victorian Law Foundation, covers how to deal with everyday legal problems with neighbours such as:

  • Neighbourhood issues - the basics
  • Animals
  • Noise
  • Fences
  • Trees
  • Nuisance, including pollution
  • Land use and buildings
  • Resolving neighbourhood disputes
  • Getting more help.

Neighbours, the law and you 

Defects & Maintenance

4 Stages of Building Defects and Maintenance Controls (courtesy of SCI Insurance)
Defects & Maintenance Register (courtesy of SCI Insurance)