Guidance regarding SCA (Vic)'s complaint process is available to the general public during normal business hours, Monday to Friday.
Written complaints are handled by the General Manager, and heard by an expert Ethics & Complaints Sub-Committee. If any member shall wilfully refuse or neglect to comply with the provisions of the Constitution, Code of Professional Conduct, or shall be guilty of any conduct unbecoming of a member, and any other guideline or standard formally approved and adopted by SCA (Vic), Strata Community (Vic). has the disciplinary power to censure, fine, suspend or expel the member from SCA (Vic).

All members of SCA (Vic) are required within its membership guidelines to take out and maintain Professional Indemnity insurance. Dealing with an SCA (Vic) member means you have the added safeguard of being represented by an owners corporation manager who has full indemnity coverage.

As an additional consumer protection all membership applications are subject to character, professional and police checks.


The policy of Strata Community (Vic). is that it will only consider complaints lodged by owners corporations– it cannot consider complaints lodged by individuals. Further, that the complaint must relate to a member of SCA (Vic).

If you are still unable to resolve the problem, the procedure for handling complaints against Members is detailed on the “Owners Corporations Complaint Form”.

In order for your complaint to be dealt with by SCA (Vic), the form would need to be completed and submitted. All relevant information must be submitted with the initial complaint, otherwise the new information will not be considered.

Alternatively, the Owners Corporations Act 2006, sets out a three-tiered complaint and dispute resolution process involving:
  • internal dispute resolution
  • conciliation through Consumer Affairs Victoria
  • applications to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) for an order

Further information and fact sheets are available from:
Victorian Consumer & Business Centre, 113 Exhibition Street, Melbourne 3000.
Telephone 1300 73 70 30 (local call charges)
Regional offices are located in Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Morwell, Mildura, Wangaratta and Warnambool.