Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there the need for officer bearers liability insurance when managers have professional indemnity insurance & committee members are exempt under the act?

  2. What rights does the OC have to enforce that either an owner or a tenant water the garden area in the vicinity of a lot on a regular basis?

  3. What right has the OC got to go onto a lot owners property and adjust a control box so that water that is paid for by the OC can be regulated or to go to a control box to carry out any repairs?

  4. How do I identify an owners corporation

  5. Legal opinion regarding Insurance

  6. Penalty interest on arrears

  7. Sustainability and Unit/town house living - Guidance for owners

  8. What are Company Share Properties?

  9. My owners corporation has just told me to remove the shed on my balcony, which is clearly visible from the street. Do they have the right?

  10. I parked my bike on the communal footpath and now it's been stolen. Will my home and contents insurance cover it?

  11. My bathroom tap is leaking. Can I charge the owners corporation for it?

  12. What is the benefit of having a professional manager, rather than self-managing the owners corporation?

  13. What does the committee specifically do (what are the specific roles), and what is the benefit to an owner of being on the committee?

  14. Where can I get more information on owners corporations?

  15. Our owners corporation does not exist at the moment but I want to get it established as I have a couple of issues I want addressing. How do I go about establishing my owners corporation?

  16. Who can resolve owners corporation disputes?

  17. How often does the owners corporation have to meet?

  18. How do I find out the contact details of our owners corporation manager?

  19. I don't know who the other members of the owners corporation are, how do I get their contact details?

  20. We are not happy with the conduct of our owners corporation manager. Can we make a complaint?

  21. Our owners corporation does not currently have a manager but I think we should appoint one. Not all members of the owners corporation agree. What can we do?

  22. We are not happy with our owners corporation manager. How do we change managers?

  23. What qualifications does an owners corporation manager need to have?

  24. Does SCA (Vic) provide advice on the interpretation of the Act & Regulations?

  25. Is there an industry standard Contract of Appointment?

  26. Should we self manage or appoint a professional owners corporation manager?

  27. How can l submit a complaint without the owners corporation cheque book?

  28. Should l have a copy of the Contract of Appointment?

  29. I have a complaint about a franchisee. Who can l talk to?

  30. Why does my manager receive Insurance Commissions?

  31. When budgeting, is there a conflict of interest, if I vote to keep my fees as low as possible?