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The Benefits of Using the Services of a Professional SCA Strata Manager  



The Voice of the Owners Corporation Industry

SCA (Vic) is the pre-eminent professional association for the owners corporation industry, and was formed in 1990 to provide a forum for improved standards and education in the industry.

Supporting more than 80% of all owners corporation management firms it is the only organisation solely focussed upon representing this increasingly significant industry, and reaches and represents 600 body corporate professionals who manage approximately 375,000 lots.

SCA (Vic) is an affiliate of Strata Community Australia (SCA), which represents practitioners throughout Australia. SCA has formal links with the Community Associations Institute of the USA.

Ethical Business Practice

Not all owners corporation managers are members of SCA (Vic) Only professional owners corporation managers who meet the strict requirements laid down by SCA (Vic) are eligible for membership. Central to the prerequisites of membership is acceptance and adherence of the SCA (Vic) Code of Professional Conduct. The Code of Professional Conduct sets a high standard for practice, over and above the requirements of legislation.


SCA (Vic) encourages the education of owners corporation managers and their employees, and provides facilities through which owners corporation managers receive training. SCA (Vic) offers courses and workshops covering every aspect of owners corporation practice, and organises seminars and conferences on matters impacting the industry.

Representation of the Profession

SCA (Vic) is active in representing its membership and their clients in government and commercial circles. SCA (Vic) monitors all matters affecting the owners corporation industry. Through the SCA (Vic) newsletter and magazine, SCA (Vic) members are kept abreast of proposed changes to legislation and other essential industry or market facts which may influence the business and investment decisions of their clients.

Finding a manager for your owners corporation

There are many firms offering owners corporation management services but not all have a demonstrated commitment to professional excellence and ethical behaviour. However, it’s easy to identify these firms – simply ask if they have a membership certificate issued by SCA (Vic). Membership is awarded by SCA (Vic) to companies that meet rigorous membership standards and satisfy other criteria which includes maintaining a prescribed level of professional indemnity insurance, a commitment to staff training and compliance with the SCA (Vic) Code of Professional Conduct.

The logos shown here can be used to identify a body corporate management firm that is a member.

A list of owners corporation management firms that meet the requirements to be awarded membership can be viewed from the owners corporation managers directory.When dealing with an owners corporation management firm, ask if they are a member of SCA (Vic) or look for the logo.

Consumer Protection

Assistance to the general public is available during normal business hours, Monday to Friday.

Written complaints are handled by Strata Community Australia, and heard by an expert National Disciplinary Committee. If any member shall wilfully refuse or neglect to comply with the provisions of the Constitution, Code of Professional Conduct, or shall be guilty of any conduct unbecoming of a member, and any other guideline or standard formally approved and adopted by SCA (Vic), SCA (Vic) has the disciplinary power to censure, fine, suspend or expel the member from SCA (Vic).

All members of SCA (Vic) are required within its membership guidelines to take out and maintain Professional Indemnity insurance. Dealing with an SCA (Vic) member means you have the added safeguard of being represented by an owners corporation manager who has full indemnity coverage.

As an additional consumer protection all membership applications are subject to character, professional and police checks.

Deal only with a member of SCA (Vic)

SCA (Vic) is a high profile professional association and SCA (Vic) membership means a professional, ethical and responsible approach to business.

SCA (Vic) is constantly monitoring and improving its level of products and services. Through this on-going development, SCA (Vic) continues to play a leading role for owners corporation managers and consumers alike.

You will benefit by dealing with an SCA (Vic) member.

Protecting & Managing Assets

The size, complexity and value of owners corporation properties are escalating – along with their management issues and challenges.

A professional owners corporation manager can help property owners meet these challenges and ensure the valuable assets are:

  • Well managed
  • Well maintained
  • Appropriately insured

A growing sector: about the owners corporation industry in Victoria

Victorian sector - Changing lifestyle choices of Victorians and demographic shifts have led to rapid growth in higher density dwellings and the strata industry. With 88,475 owners corporations in Victoria and about 1,500,000 Victorians or 1 in 4 people living in or affected by owners corporations, they comprise residential properties ranging from 2 units in a suburban street to many hundreds of units in an urban tower block. Owners Corporations also encompass commercial, retail, lifestyle resorts, retirement villages, car parks, storage facilities, industrial and, increasingly, mixed developments comprising more than form of development.

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