Introduction to strata management 

A100 - 2018

This comprehensive strata community management course provides a practical overview for new managers, an essential review for veteran managers and an advanced course for committee members. You’ll receive a 400-page participant guide filled with dozens of sample forms and time-saving tips for working with homeowners, vendors, managers and other professionals. Successful completion of this course is the first step in obtaining a professional designation from SCA in Strata Community Management as it is the prerequisite for entering the SCA Accreditation Pathway for new entrants.


For more information check the SCA National website or email the National Education Manager.

Here is the 2018 Program Overview.

SCA (Vic) encourages all new members to participate in this course as successful completion is a requirement of obtaining the post nominal APSM for all members who have joined since July 1 2012, and going forward is a requirement of National accreditation when adopted by Victoria.



Distance Learning DVD package

The Introduction to Owners Corporation Management distance learning package provides the opportunity to learn the important aspects of owners corporation management at your own pace. It is not part of a formal qualification.

The topics included in the package are:

  • The Basics of OCM
  • Developing Reviewing & Assessing Strata Plans
  • Disputes (Part 10) & Debt Recovery
  • OH & S: What a body corporate manager needs to know & do
  • Essential Safety Measures
  • The Process of Repairs & Maintenance
  • Tax & OC's
  • Insurance Workshop
  • Common Property Defects
  • Owners Corporation Certificates
  • Legal & Ethical Obligations
  • Accounting for Owners Corporations

Each DVD has accompanying notes, and comes with a copy of The Owners Corporations Act 2006, the Owners Corporations Regulations 2007, & Subdivision Act 1988.

Further details can found on the brochure or contact SCA (Vic) either by emailing or phone (03) 9416 4688.

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