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v  Owners Corporation Managers and their staff

v  Real Estate Agents

v  Service Providers to the industry

v  Accountants

v  Solicitors

v  Surveyors

v  Engineers

v  All people with an interest in owners corporations – whether a management or ownership interest

  • SCA (Vic) is the only organisation dedicated to the owners corporation industry – it’s our core reason for existence
  • Strengthen your voice and protect your interests by representing to government on governing Acts and Regulations
  • Membership gives credibility – with a Code of Professional Conduct and Ethical Standards
  • Promotion to the general public makes your job easier by raising the profile and public awareness of the industry
  • Develop your skills and deepen your knowledge through Best Practice guidelines, training, conferences and newsletters
  • Expand your thinking – research publications and information update you on the state of the industry
  • Build relationships that will help you succeed
  • SCA (Vic) provides the link to the national body, Strata Community Australia, for national issues
…a local focus but an international network

Strata Community Australia (Vic) provides services and representation to professional owners corporation managers in Victoria but also brings to members a national and international perspective that is vital in a growing and dynamic industry.

SCA (Vic) is an affiliate member of Strata Community Australia, which represents practitioners throughout Australia. SCA (formerly NCTI)has formal links with the Community Associations Institute of the USA.

Grow your skills and tap into national and international trends.

A growing sector: about the owners corporation industry in Victoria

Changing lifestyle choices of Victorians and demographic shifts have led to rapid growth in higher density dwellings and the strata industry. With over 65,000 Owners Corporations in Victoria and about 1,000,000 Victorians or 1 in 4 people living in or affected by Owners Corporations, they comprise residential properties ranging from 2 units in a suburban street to many hundreds of units in an urban tower block. Owners Corporations also encompass commercial, retail, lifestyle resorts, retirement villages, car parks, storage facilities, industrial and, increasingly, mixed developments comprising more than form of development.

Protecting & Managing Assets

The size, complexity and value of owners corporations properties are escalating – along with their management issues and challenges.

A professional owners corporation manager can help property owners meet these challenges and ensure the valuable assets of Victorians are:

  • Well managed
  • Well maintained
  • Appropriately insured
Code of Professional Conduct