Benefits of Membership

The Voice of the Owners Corporation Industry

SCA (Vic) is the pre-eminent professional association for the owners corporation industry, and was formed in 1990 to provide a forum for improved standards and education in the industry. Supporting more than 80% of all owners corporation management firms it is the only organisation solely focussed upon representing this increasingly significant industry, and reaches and represents 600 owners corporation professionals who manage approximately 375,000 lots. It also represents industry suppliers and owners corporations, making it the voice of all with an interest in the management of owners corporations.

SCA (Vic) has undergone significant development and change and has:

  • Established a permanent secretariat to support members
  • Developed a 5 year strategic vision and plan
  • Responded to the government’s review of the governing owners corporation legislation and regulations
  • Developed a benchmarking study in conjunction with Strata Community Australia– to enable owners corporation management firms to improve their business performance in key practice management areas such as profitability, expenses, staffing, and output.
  • Participated in the development of national competency standards for the industry which will lead, for the first time, to the offering of national recognition and qualifications for practitioners.

What does SCA (Vic) offer?

  • Representation to Government and Statutory authorities
  • Promotion of the activities of practitioners to the community
  • Establishment of professional practice guidelines and ethical standards
  • Professional development through seminars, workshops, conferences and regularly publishing eNewsletters on items of professional interest.
    • Amongst other Best Practice guidelines, this includes the SCA (Vic) Contract of Appointment with a Recommended Schedule of Fees & Charges
  • Members only services on an expanded web site
    • e.g. Best Practice guidelines, benchmarking, legal service, valuation and planning service
  • Greater training and professional development options with the introduction of national competencies
  • New membership chapters provide more support for what you need in your circumstances

……..All aimed at supporting members

Industry eNewsletter 

Fortnightly members receive an eNewsletter providing relevant industry information and upcoming events.  Those interested in the industry and/or gaining membership withSCA (Vic) can receive an extract of this newsletter (the member newsletter excluding articles only relevant to members).  To receive a copy of this newsletter please email  your full name, requesting to be added to eNewsletter database.