The SCA Strata Benchmarking Project provides important information for the industry.  By participating in this annual survey members have the opportunity to benchmark their business against like businesses.  This is an invaluable tool for business owners.  Those that participated are privy to key metrics for strata management firms:

  • Productivity measures, such as income / EBIT per strata manager / person.

  • Scheme/lot management, with measures such as OCs / lots per strata manager, and income per lot.

  • Sources of income.

  • With strata management firms being labour intensive, salaries are a big proportion of expenses. So also the allocation of income – what percentage goes to salaries, overheads, and what’s the profit margin.

  • Remuneration levels are important, as is the return on salary multiplier – what income is derived per dollar of salary.

  • What percentage of total income is invested in marketing and business development

  • All the while being cognisant of your business model – be it scale, price, productivity, or margin management.